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Soviet-uniforms.com is dedicated to offering You the finest uniforms, headgear, awards, general militaria and memorabilia from the former Soviet Union and the Warszaw pact.

Our inventory includes complete uniform sets of World war II heroes and veterans, cold war officers of the space race era and stunning parade uniforms of marshals and generals. We also offer impressive orders and medals, flags and other items of interest. Please enjoy browsing our website and explore the fascinating remains and memories from one of the largest nations on earth ever to be, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

New items in stock

Navy captain II rank winter parade uniform

1988 dated parade uniform tunic, excellent condition!

Navy captain II rank summer daily uniform

M1973 service uniform with white trousers, shirt, tie and visor cap.

Navy lieutenant summer parade uniform

M1969 parade uniform with white trousers and visor cap.

Infantry general winter coat

M1954 winter coat in excellent condition of an army infantry general.

Railways engineer dress visor cap

1970s dress visor cap with silver lace for locomotive driver.
Impressive appearance!

Georgy Zhukov bust

1960s metal bust of Marshal of Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov
Beautiful addition to any collection!

Air force general parade visor cap

1980s 43TsePK parade visor cap, Moscow made.
Very good condition.

Air force colonel daily service uniform

Tunic, trousers, visor cap and ribbon bar.
Very good condition.

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