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Soviet-uniforms.com is dedicated to offering You the finest selection of uniforms from the former Soviet Union and the Warszaw pact. On occassion, we also present pieces of headgear, awards, general militaria and memorabilia.

Our inventory includes complete uniform sets of World war II heroes and veterans, cold war officers of the space race era and stunning parade uniforms of marshals and generals. Please enjoy browsing our website and explore the fascinating remains and memories from the the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR.

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Major General of Aviation Daily uniform

1970 attire for a Hero of the Soviet Union!
Visible traces from Hero title!

Airforce Captain parade uniform

1980s pilot-navigator parade uniform with visor cap and trousers.
Stunning appearance!

MVD Captain parade uniform

1980s Internal army parade uniform tunic, visor cap and trousers.
Chernobyl liquidator medal recipient.

Autotransportation troops Lieutenant Colonel parade uniform

1970-1980s Afghanistan veteran with red piping.
Tunic, trousers and visor cap.

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