Soviet air force colonel daily service uniform

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
3 badges
500 USD
(415 EUR)
(4100 SEK)

Soviet Air force colonel
daily service uniform

1970s daily dress uniform for a colonel of the Soviet air forces. The uniform is standard armed forces cut set, made from high quality olive gabardine, with sky blue piping on the shoulder boards and along the leg of the breeches - as well as on the collar tabs. The shoulder boards each have three large metal stars for the rank of colonel. The buttons on the uniform are yearstamped with 78.

On the wearers left side of the tunic is a sewn-on ribbon bar holding no less than fourteen award representations from the Soviet post-war era. The most prestigeous award is the Order of the Red Banner followed by the Order of the Red Star and the medal for combat service followed by a number of anniversary and long service awards. On the wearers right is a pilot wing of "Sniper" grade, a well worn, somewhat polished academy level graduation badge and a screwback 10-jump paratrooper badge. There is also a yellow wound stripe which is sewn-on.

The visor cap of this set is a size 57 cap in very good condition, produced in 1991. The cocarde has been somewhat modified to make the visor cap appear larger. The shoulder belt shown in the photo is not included but a similar can be acquired upon request.

Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition and shows only light to medium wear (light for visor cap). The size for the tunic is 52L and the visor cap is 57. The blue shirt is not included. One may argue that blue shirt was not regulation and we are aware of that, however the photoshoot was inspired by a photo where famous Soviet VDV paratrooper colonel Leonid Khabarov wore his olive service uniform with a sky blue shirt and a dark gray tie.

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