Soviet Major of Railway troops parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt optional
4 orders
16 medals
1 badge
Very good


550 USD
460 EUR
4500 SEK

Armor lieutenant colonel
M1969 parade uniform

M1969 parade uniform of a lieutenant colonel of the Soviet armor troops, tankists, dating from the mid 1980s. The uniform is czarist green, made from the finest wool - it may even be a private purchase uniform. The collar tabs feature the armor insignia on black velvet with golden edges. As per post-1980 regulations, the awards are mounted horisontally on combined bars. The awards on this uniform indicate a Ukrainan resident officer with wartime service in the south-east european theater of war including the liberation of Prague and action in Bulgaria as indicated by the two bulgarian awards that are present on the uniform. Other awards include the medal for Victory over Germany and Soviet post-war anniversary decorations. His service in the armed forces may however not have stretched beyond the mid 1950s due to the lack awards given to active servicemen in the late 1950s.

The uniform is a size 52 with a visor cap in size 57. The belt is optional and recommended to complete the uniform.

Awards: Medal for Defender of Fatherland (Ukraine), Medal for 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Ukraine (Ukraine) Medal for Victory over Germany, Medals for 20th and 3oth anniversaries of the Victory, Medal for Liberation of Prague, medals for 40th and 50th anniversaries of the Victory, Medal for Veteran of Labor, Medals for 30th, 50th, 60th and 70th anniversaries of the armed forces, Medal for 60th anniversary of the Victory. Medal for 100th anniversary of birth of V.I. Lenin. On the wearers right; Order of Patriotic War II class, Order of the Red Star, Order of 9th September 1944 (Bulgaria), Medal for 40th anniversary of the Victory (Bulgaria), badge for "25th anniversary of the Victory".

The size of the uniform is european 48 or US 38. The visor cap is a size 57. The shirt, tie and belt are not included. Please ask, if interested in these pieces.

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