Soviet Cavalry major parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Parade belt
10 medals
4 badges
Very good
700 USD
(650 EUR)
(6100 SEK)

Soviet Cavalry major
parade uniform

 Utterly rare 1982 parade uniform for a major of the Moscow cavalry regiment. As the cavalry units of the Soviet armed forces were phased out from operational service after the war (except for MVD and Border guards), a cavalry regiment was formed for parade, movie and ceremonial duties in 1962. The uniforms worn were similar to those of the KGB however with the distinguishing detail of black piping on the visor caps, a feature taken from the cavalry units during the war. In other aspects, the uniforms had cornflower blue piping around the sleeves and along the length of the leg as well as on the edges of the shoulder boards and on the collar tabs. The collar tabs held the cavalry insignia - crossed swords over a horse shoe, the same insignia is also found on the patch on the sleeve. The tunic is fitted with a golden aiguilette from the wearers right shoulder.

On the wearers left are a total of 10 medals mounted on two bars. These however are not proven original to the uniform, however the awards do represent a plausible career of a honorary cavalry major.

The visor cap in the set may be the most intriguing and exciting piece with its black piping and blue base, one of the rarest visor caps of the postwar USSR. The size is about 56 and is a 1980s TSEPK43 manufacture with plastic visor.

The tunic and trousers are size 50 (US40) and as mentioned above, the visor cap is a size 56 (US 7). The uniform comes with tunic, trousers and visor cap. While the parade belt is included with the uniform, the dagger is not part of the set - but can be purchased optionally.

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