Soviet 1st Honor Guard company M1955 parade dress uniform

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Visor cap

Soviet 1st Honor Guard company
M1955 parade dress uniform

The 1st Separate Honor Guard Company assigned to the Moscow military garrison was the most visible and well-known of Soviet military honor guards. As the most "senior" honor guard unit within the Ministry of Defense, they were routinely tasked to accord honors to visiting foreign dignitaries at state ceremonies in Moscow and to perform guard mounts at various ceremonies including anniversary parades on Red Square, state funerals and, late in the Soviet era, at the Eternal Flame of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Following regulation changes in 1955, company personnel were authorized a special steel-colored uniform roughly modeled on the new "Zhukov" uniforms - but with additional gilt embroidery and red distinctions. The large gold-edged red chest plastron was the most striking feature of this uniform. All members of the Honor Guard wore matching steel gray visor caps with red band and piping. By the mid-1960s this uniform (sometimes with minor variations) was also in general use within honor guard companies formed in the Groups of Forces and selected military garrisons within the USSR. Source:

Offered is here the stunning M/1955 parade dress uniform of a junior sergeant of the Honor Guards, mid to late 1950s, made from highest quality wool with rich details including golden embroideries on the shoulder boards ("1" for 1st Guards company" and two stripes for junior sergeant) and collar, a striking red plastron with golden edges and gilt brass buttons.

This uniform was acquired from Moscow by the help of a U.S. collection during autumn 2016 and is in excellent condition. Needless to say, this is a VERY rare uniform and is to be treated as a museum-level collectible. The trousers are dark blue with red piping and the visor cap, as mentioned above, is steel gray with elaborate, fin golden thread embroideries and a enamel red star with golden hammer and sickle. The side buttons are standard army buttons with hammer and sickle. The belt displayed in the photos is actually an officers M1955 belt used as substitute for the correct honor guards EM rank belt that utilized a square brass buckle.

The twelve front buttons have a more exclusive gilding than the usual unifrom buttons of the period. On the back of the tunic are four low mountd buttons and red piping.

Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition shows light to medium wear. The size for the tunic is a about EU48-50 or US38-40 but is sold as a collectible rather than wearable. Please ask for more photos if called for. Don't miss this set - it is likely the only one for sale that you will ever see.

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