Soviet Chief Marshal of Artillery parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Belt (opt.)
1200 USD
(1100 EUR)
(10500 SEK)

Chief Marshal of Artillery
M1969 parade uniform

M/1969 parade dress uniform for a Marshal of the Soviet artillery and rocket forces including tunic, trousers and visor cap in fine quality czarist or wave green gabardine. The double-breasted tunic is piped in red with rich gold embroidery on lapels and cuffs. The quality of this uniform is outstanding, an example of the very finest Soviet military tailoring. Both the tunic and the trousers are in outstanding, excellent condition and show no noticeable wear or soiling, and free of moth damage.

The visor cap is 1983 dated with black band for artillery/rockets and has the characteristic 80's Soviet look with oversized wave green top with red piping. It is manufactured by the 43TsePK factory in Moscow with correct leather sweatband, red drawstring and a leather sweatshield.

All buttons on the uniform are present and feature the state seal of the USSR. The lining is fine silk and has no damages whatsoever. The collar decorations as well as sleeve decoration have gained some patina and darkened slightly, but are still in top shape. The visor cap does however show more wear than the tunic and visor cap.

The shoulder boards are golden with a large star with a fine embroidered golden wreath. The artillery insignia on top is a smaller version with short gun barrels. The large marshal stars show some slight patina gained over the years.

The tunic and trousers are about size 56 (US 44-46) and the visor cap is a size 59. The trousers are for wear with shoes. The parade belt is not included but can be purchased optionally.

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