Soviet Ambassador M1954 parade dress uniform tunic

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Visor cap


Soviet Ambassador M1954 hot climate
parade dress uniform tunic

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was responsible for the administration of Soviet foreign policy and represented the country abroad and participated in talks with foreign delegations on behalf of the Soviet government.
A Soviet ambassador serving abroad was regarded under international law as the personal representative of the chairman of the Supreme Soviet to the head of government of the host state.

Offered is here the complete and stunning M/1954 warm climate dress uniform of a Soviet ambassador, circa mid 1950s, made from highest quality gabardine with extremely rich embroideres on the same intricate level as a contemporary marshal of the Soviet Union. The tunic was in a U.S. collection until 2005 when sold to a finnish collector, now we are happy to offer this uniform as a commission sale. Needless to say, this is a VERY rare uniform.

Soviet diplomats were issued uniforms from 1943, at the time fitted with shoulder boards to complement the very elaborate decorations of the uniforms. Diplomat staff were in general issued with uniforms until the regulation changes in 1954 after which only senior diplomatic officials continued to wear uniforms. At this time, the white diplomat uniform was introduced and worn by Soviet diplomatic staff in warm climate areas. According to the great site, the uniforms and headgear of diplomatic staff were privately purchased by those authorized to wear uniforms following the 1954 changes.

The buttons has no date, instead they all have the *** marking on back, indicating 1950s manufacture with 16 republic scrolls used 1946-1956. The tunic is made from finest wool and fitted with extremely elaborate embroideries around the cuffs. The collar has equally fine embroideries as well as collar tabs for the 'rank' of ambassador featuring the state seal of the Soviet union as well as the insignia of crossed feather-quill pens used by the diplomatic staff. On the wearers left chest, there are traces from awards. The trousers are all-white in matching material, without any piping.

The visor cap has golden piping and the crossed feather-quill pen insignia, pressed cardboard visor and golden cord attached with general style buttons featuring the Soviet state seal. Inside the cap, the makers mark is present however extremely hard to read - RSFSR and FABRIKA can be made out, which indicates a private purchase. The cap has some minor traces from 50 years of storage.

Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition shows light to medium wear. Although sold as a collectible and not a wearable, the size for the uniform is a short 52-54.

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