Soviet Lieutenant Colonel of Naval aviation parade uniform

Soviet Lieutenant Colonel of Naval aviation parade uniform

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Visor cap
2 orders
9 medals
4 badges
Very good

M1969 summer uniform of a lieutenant colonel, top aviator pilot of the WW2 Soviet naval aviation. The tunic is a standard navy officers wool uniform with black trousers. The golden shoulder boards feature sky blue piping and two large metal stars on each shoulder board. The trousers are black standard navy trousers and the visor cap is white with golden decorations on the visor and golden multi-piece cockade. All front buttons are 1970s two-piece with black backpiece.

On the wearers left chest are two award mounts holding a total of 10 awards including a high-quality copy of the Order of Lenin, the medal for combat service and medal for liberation of Warszaw. The awards also include the medal for Victory over Germany, a number of anniversary awards and the medal for 15 years of irreproachable service. Most impressive is perhaps the polish "Polonia Restituta" IV class, mounted with a custom pin back device. On the wearers right chest is a M1966 pilot wing, 1st class, and a Red guards badge. On the left lapel is a estonian regional Soviet member badge.

The size of the uniform is european 52 or US 40-42. The visor cap appears to be close to 58. The shirt and tie, belt and dagger are not included. Please ask, if interested in these pieces.

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