Soviet Chief Marshal of Artillery parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap

General Major
M1954 parade uniform

M/1954 full parade dress uniform for a major general of the soviet army land forces, in this case and in combination with the black velvet band hat, an tankist / armor general. The tunic, breeches and visor cap are made from finest quality wave green wool with red piping and gold thread embroideries which have gained a rich, deep patina over the years. The shoulder boards are 4-edge with gold stars, replacing the early silver bullion stars used until the late 1950s. All six front buttons, marked 63, are present and hold the post-1956 state seal with 15 republic buttons. The waist of the uniform has added belt hooks for easier wear of the dagger parade belt. The lining is made from fine silk and show numerous traces from screwback awards. An interesting detail of this early uniform is the more pointy lapels, a design that was altered in the late 1960s.

The visor cap is an early style smaller crown with small, rounded visor and made in Moscow. The makers logo, "TsEP Kombinat, Moscow", is fully readable and present on the sweat shield inside the cap. The general's cockade is a two-piece badge in gilt brass with deep red enamel. The sweatband is made from genuine leather with a white silk draw string. Although the color on the crown is a bit faded, the overall condition of the cap is very good with retained good shape. The black velvet band is in a likewise top condition.

The quality of this uniform is outstanding, an example of the very finest Soviet military tailoring and should be considered for any collection. The tunic and breeches are about size 50-52 (US 40-42) and the visor cap is a size 57. [Go to top] | Republic of Finland