Soviet Major of Railways parade uniform

Soviet Major of Railway troops parade uniform

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Visor cap
Winter coat
1 order
15 medals
3 badges
Very good

The Railway troops of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union were part of the logistic support apparatus for the Soviet armed forces, formed and designed in 1850s during the Imperial era to carry out the tasks of railway supply: preparation, construction, restoration and barrage of railway track facilities. The railway troops provided substantial support during the Great Patriotic War, building, improving and restoring thousands of kilometres of railway tracks, stations and switches, communication lines and water supplies. In the postwar period, huge efforts of repairs were carried out to restore the railway system following the damages and destruction during war.

M1969 parade uniform of a major of the Soviet railway troops, buttons dated 1978 with traces from awards being worn diagonally prior to the late 1970s regulation changes. The awards indicate a Ukrainan resident officer with likely wartime service as drafted or enlisted within railway troops in rear service followed by civil work in the post-war era, yet again followed by service in the railway troops having graduated from a military engineering academy. The lack of combat awards in addition to the presence of the "Victory on labor front" indicate a non-combat, logistic/construction oriented career. It is important to notice that three of the awards are reproductions; the Order of Lenin, the Medal for Restoration of the Black Metallurgical Enterprises and the Excellent Railroad service. The uniform itself is a standard armed forces uniform with trousers and breeches. Included with the set is also a wool parade coat in matching size 48. The visor cap is a size 57. The belt is optional and recommended to complete the uniform.

Awards: Order of Lenin (copy), Medal for Victory on Labor front, Medal for 20th anniversary of the Victory, Medals for 30th and 40th anniversary of the Victory on Labor front, Medal for Veteran of Labor, Medal for Veteran of armed forces, Medal for Restoration of the Black Metallurgical Enterprises (repro), Medals for 30th, 50th and 60th anniversaries of the armed forces, Medal for 1500th anniversary of Kiev foundation and finally all three classes of the Irreproachable service medals.

On the wearers right chest is an engineering academy graduation badge, a repro badge "Excellent railway soldier" and the 1970 badge "25th anniversary of the Victory".

The size of the uniform is european 48 or US 38. The visor cap is a size 57. The shirt, tie and belt are not included. Please ask, if interested in these pieces.

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