Soviet Air force major parade uniform

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Visor cap
Shirt + tie
2 orders
4 medals
3 badges
Very good
500 USD

Air force Major
M1969 parade uniform

M1969 parade dress uniform of an honoured military pilot by rank of major, early 1980s. The tunic is a high quality deep blue air force officers gabardine uniform with matching trousers and visor cap. The golden shoulder boards feature sky blue piping and one large metal star on each shoulder. The trousers are deep blue with sky blue piping and the visor cap is a 1984 dated officers issue with the correct large parade badge and the top wing badge in place. The collar tabs are sky blue with the aviation insignia.

While the uniform is fully decorated, we need to emphasize that two of the awards are copies on this uniform. The Order of Lenin as well as the title medal "Honoured military pilot" are copies whereas the original awards were missing from the uniform. Traces on the left side of the tunic indicated the Honoured military pilot but technically it could as well be the traces of the "Honoured test pilot". The uniform was restored using the Military pilot award and a high-class copy of the Order of Lenin. Other awards include the Bulgarian "Order of the Red Banner of Labor", the medal "100th anniversary of birth of Lenin", 60th anniversary of the Soviet armed forces and the medal for 10 years of irreproachable service. On the wearers right are three badges; a intermediate military education graduation badge, a "1" pilot wing badge and a Red Guards badge.

The size of the uniform is european 50 or US 40. The visor cap is a size 57. The shirt and tie, as well as a yellow parade belt, are included.

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