Soviet artillery / rocket forces major general service dress uniform

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Ribbon bar
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Soviet artillery / rocket forces
major general service dress uniform

M/1969 daily dress uniform tunic of a Soviet artillery or rocket forces major general, circa 1975. This uniform model was introduced in 1969 with smaller revisions introduced over the years, and was basically used until the end of the USSR.

The tunic is an armed forces standard style generals set with red piping on the shoulder boards and around the collar. The shoulder boards each have one large embroidered, nicely patinated star for the rank of major general. Above the rank star is an embroidered artillery / rocket branch insignia which has also gathered a nice patina over the years. The wearers right shoulder board has an opening in the stithcing that allows the shoulder strap of the belt to go underneath the shoulder board as can be seen on photo 11. The buttons are hallmarked Moschtamp *** and has the post-1956 Soviet Union coat of arms with 15 republics in the crest. On the wearers left are two holes from badges, likely a graduation badge and a Red Guards badge. There are some smaller traces from wear on the front of the tunic.

On the wearers left side of the tunic is a sewn-on ribbon bar holding a total of 16 award ribbons including two Order of Red Banner, the Order of the Patriotic War, medal for combat service and medal for defense of Leningrad, Bravery in fire and a number of East german decorations (Kampforden / O. for Merit for the Nation and Fatherland, twice medal for Waffenbrudershaft/Arms brotherhood I class, East German Banner of Labor and the Polish Brotherhood in arms medal). The awards stretch from the mid 1940s until the mid 1970s and indicate an interesting wartime and continued cold-war career.

Overall, the uniform set is in very good condition and shows light to medium wear. The size for the tunic and trousers is 54 (US 42-44). The visor cap and belt in photos 10 and 11 are not included, but similar accessories can be added optionally.

Generally, this is a very interesting uniform which would make an excellent addition to any cold war or Soviet Union collection. [Go to top] | Republic of Finland