Soviet Navy Captain II rank parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt optional
1 order
8 medals
4 badges
Very good

Navy Captain II rank
Full parade uniform

M1969 full parade uniform ("winter") from Lithuania SSR for a captain II rank (equal to a lieutenant colonel) of the Soviet navy. The uniform is made from fine wool gabardine with napped wool visor cap with white piping. The collar features metal naval insignia with leaves and anchors. As per post-1980 regulations, the awards are mounted horisontally on combined bars. The awards on this uniform indicate a post-war serving officer who earned the Order of the Red Banner (the piece present on the tunic is a high quality copy) and the medal for Combat service, followed by a number of anniversary and long service awards.

The buttons are correct navy type, two-piece, from the 1970s which roughly dates the tunic to the mid 1970s. The sleeves hold four golden rank stripes and a bullion star each for the rank of Captain II rank. The shoulder boards are golden, beautifully aged, with two large metal golden stars each - correct for the rank. There are small traces from a promotion from captain III to II rank present - which further adds to the beauty and been-there feeling of the uniform. The trousers are black without piping - correect for a naval uniform. The visor cap is dated 1989 and is in perfect condition, not to mention very impressive in its appearance. On the wearers right are three badges, an intermediary military academy badge, a Red Guards badge and a beautiful 1970s badge for long journey at sea. On the lapel is a Lithuanian city council badge which indicates the owner was a citizen of the Lithuanian Soviet republic. The medal ribbons appear to be in very good condition, at least on the top row.

The uniform is a size 48-50 with a visor cap in size 59. The belt is optional - please inquire.

Awards: Right chest: Order of the Red Banner (copy), Medal Combat service, Medal for 20th anniversary of the Victory, Medals for 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th anniversaries of the armed forces, Medals for 15 and 10 years of irreproachable service. Medal for 100th anniversary of Birth of V.I. Lenin. Left chest: Graduation badge from intermediary Military academy, Red Guards, Long journey at sea, Member of Lithuania SSR city council.

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