Soviet topography troops lieutenant colonel parade uniform

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Visor cap
7 medals
1 badge
Very good


Topography troops lieutenant
colonel parade uniform

M1969 parade dress uniform of a lieutenant colonel of the Soviet armed forces maps and geographical service, the topography troops, 1989 dated. The tunic is an officer model dress uniform in forest green gabardine with matching red piped trousers and a 1987 dated visor cap. The golden shoulder boards feature red piping and two large metal stars on each shoulder. The collar tabs are black velvet with the impressive topograhy troops insignia, a crossed hammer and wrench tool with a red star.

The decorations on the uniforms are mounted on two separate bars. The first bar holds the Medal for Labor Diligence and the Medal for Veteran of Labor, the second bar holds the 1978 and 1988 decorations for armed forces anniversaries followed by 15 and 10 years of irreproachable service. Above these, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin is mounted. On the wearers right is a graduation badge from a technical university.

The size of the uniform is european 48-50 or US 38 and generous in length. The visor cap is a size 57. The shirt and tie depicted, as well as a yellow parade belt, are not included. Please inquire about these accessories.

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