Soviet Navy Lieutenant parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
2 medals
4 badges
Very good
(Visor cap: good)>

Soviet Navy Lieutenant
parade uniform M1969

M1969 summer parade uniform for a lieutenant of the Soviet navy. The uniform itself dates to the very late 1970s with a visor cap dated 1981. The shoulder boards are golden for parade wear with two small golden stars each for the rank of lieutenant. The tunic has six golden buttons in front forming an impressive appearance. The awards are mounted horizontally following post-1980s regulations. The trousers are white, although this uniform was also worn with black trousers at occassions.

The awards include the Medal for Guarding Soviet state borders (restrike award) and the Medal for 60th anniversary of the Soviet armed forces (1978). The badges include the Komsomol member badge, screwback type, a technical university graduation badge, a Nachimov junior naval school graduation badge and an excellent naval soldier badge.

The size of the uniform is european 48 or US 36, small size. The visor cap appears to be close to 56. The shirt, tie and belt are not included. Overall, the condition of this uniform is very good although the white cloth has gained some wear.

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