Soviet KGB Borderguard major service uniform

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Visor cap
Shirt + tie

Ribbon bar
1 badge
Very good

Soviet KGB Borderguard engineering major M1969 service uniform

The engineers of the borderguard troops were responsible for developing, constructing and maintaining the vast border constructions along the Soviet frontier. This included concrete constructions, fences and barbed wire, anti-vehicle barriers, checkpoints, watchtowers, "czech hedgehogs" and other necessary installations and devices. The Soviet borderguard troops were subordinated to the KGB (and its predecessors) and was so until 1991 when the Soviet Union was dissolved.

M1969 daily dress uniform of a major of the engineering branch within the Soviet borderguard troops. The tunic is a high quality olive officers standard cut uniform with matching trousers and a late 1980s visor cap. The shoulder boards feature forest green piping and one large metal star on each shoulder for the rank of major. The trousers are matching olive with green, let alone somewhat faded piping. The visor cap is an unmarked, late 1980s issue, possibly private purchase with an older enamel cap badge and standard army side buttons. The collar tabs are forest green with the engineering insignia.

The ribbon bar holds a total of 10 awards which is quite impressive for a post-war career. The awards include the prestigeous medals "For labor heroism" and "For guarding the Soviet state borders" followed by the medal "for 100th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin", the medal "Veteran serviceman" and a number of anniversary awards and finally the three classes of "medal for irreproachable service". On the left chest is a military academy graduation badge of 1970s version.

The size of the uniform is european 52 or US 42. The visor cap is a size 59. The shirt and tie are included in this well-priced set.

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