Soviet KGB Lieutenant Colonel parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
1 order
14 medals
3 badges
Very good
600 USD
(510 EUR)
(5200 SEK)

Soviet KGB Lieutenant Colonel
M1969 parade uniform

 Striking late 1980s parade uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB, the infamous Soviet committee for state security.

The KGB, short for Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti, the Committee for State Security, was the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until 1991. As a direct successor of such preceding agencies as Cheka, NKGB, NKVD and MGB, a committee was attached to the Council of Ministers. It was the chief government agency of "union-republican jurisdiction", acting as internal security, intelligence and secret police. Similar agencies were constituted in each of the republics of the Soviet Union aside from Russia, and consisted of many ministries, state committees and state commissions.

This uniform buttons dated 1988 placing this uniform in the late cold war era and it is in very good, yet worn condition. The cloth is blue-green wool with dark blue - cornflower blue - piping and details on shoulder boards and along the length of the trousers legs - as well as on the visor cap. The collar tabs hold the standard armed forces insignia on dark blue backing. The shoulder boards feature two large golden stars each for the rank of lieutenant colonel. One may notice that the shoulder boards are mounted slightly farther back on the shoulders and collar, giving the uniform a more "pointy" appearance.

While post-war without wartime experience, this lieutenant-colonel still holds an impressive array of awards relating primarily to the non-military functions of the state. The Order of Badge of Honor is followed by the medal "For maintaining public order" and "For guarding the State border". Other decorations of importance include the "Medal for veteran of labor", "50th anniversary of the Militia" and "250th anniversary of Leningrad" and II and III class irreproachable service medals. The last award is the 1978 bulgarian jubilee award celebrating the liberation from the Ottoman rule. On the wearers right are three decorations, the combined arms badge 3rd class, a graduation badge from a Marxism-Leninism university and a II class Excellent borderguard badge. Please notice that the public order and border guard medals are likely reproductions. We are also concerned that the II class Excellent border guard badge may be a replacement as the actual badge mounted is a lightweight late Soviet version whereas one would expect the earlier brass version.

The tunic and trousers are size 48 (US38) and the visor cap is a size 60. The uniform comes with tunic, trousers and visor cap. The golden parade belt is not included but we can assist to find a similar piece. The overall condition of this uniform is excellent.

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