Soviet uniform Senior Lieutenant of Artillery daily service M1969

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
3 badges
Very good
250 USD
215 EUR
2200 SEK

Senior Lieutenant of Artillery
daily service uniform

M1969 daily uniform of a senior lieutenant of the Soviet artillery and rocket forces. The tunic is a standard army officers issue with factory attached shoulder boards, black collar tabs featuring the crossed barrel insignia and red piping on the shoulder boards and along the trousers. There are two small stars on each shoulder for the rank of lieutenant.

The ribbon bar holds three awards, the Medal for Bravery, Medal for 70th anniversary of the Armed forces and the medal "From the grateful Afghanistan people". The badges on the wearers right include an junior officer education badge and the Red guards badge. Above the ribbon bar is a Komsomol member badge.

The visor cap is a 1970s issue daily cap with golden cord and fiberboard visor, manufactured by 43TsePK. The uniform come with breeches. There is some small wear to the entire set. The wearers right shoulder board has the correct attachment for wear with shoulder belt.

The size of the uniform is european 48 or US 36-38. The visor cap appears to be close to 57 although marked 56. The shirt and tie, belt and holster are not included.

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