Soviet Union NCO Praporshchik of Armor parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt optional
Ribbon bar
3 badges
250 USD
215 USD
2200 SEK

NCO / Praporshchik
M1969 Parade uniform

The reintroduction of the praporshchik rank in the Soviet armed forces in 1972, along with the michman rank in the Soviet Navy, marked the attempt to recreate a corps of contract non-commissioned officers similar to master sergeants and chief petty officers, the role that was previously reserved for senior drafted personnel. Contrary to Western practice of assigning the senior sergeant ranks to veteran soldiers, the Soviet ranks of starshina and sergeant were routinely assigned to 20-year-old soldiers at the end of their 2-year draft. The praporshchiks were aged volunteers and were expected to have more authority over draftsmen than similarly aged sergeants; they are placed in a separate category of "master non - commissioned officers".

1970s parade uniform for a Praporshchik of armor of the Soviet armed forces. The uniform is standard armed forces pattern made from forest green wool gabardine, with all-black checkerboard pattern shoulder boards with two stars each, red piping along the length of the trouser legs and black collar tabs featuring the armor insignia. On the wearers left sleeve is a yellow chevron for one year of service. On the left sleeve is also a armor forces arm patch.

On the left chest is a small ribbon bar, all-cloth, for Medal of bravery, medal for bravery in fire and the medal for 60th anniversary of the armed forces. Above the ribbon bar is a Komsomol member badge, screwback version. On the wearers right is a technical college graduation badge and a red guards badge. A NCO service wing badge would further enhance the uniform.

The set consist of the tunic, trousers and visor cap. The belt is optional to the set.

Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition and shows only light to medium wear. The size for the tunic is european 48 (US36-38). The visor cap in the photos is a size 58, 1981 manufacture.

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