Soviet Air force major parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt optional
9 medals
4 badges
Very good


Air force Major
M1969 parade uniform

M1969 parade dress uniform of a Soviet military pilot by rank of major, mid to late 1980s. The tunic is a high quality deep blue air force officers gabardine uniform with matching trousers and a post-1991 visor cap. The golden shoulder boards feature sky blue piping and one large metal star on each shoulder. The trousers are deep blue with sky blue piping and the visor cap is a early post-Soviet officers issue with the medium size cap badge and the top wing badge in place. The visor cap has the early post-Soviet impressive, oversized structure. The collar tabs are sky blue with the aviation insignia.

The uniform is fully decorated with aiguilette. The awards include "Medal for 20th anniversary of the Victory", "Strenghtening combat brotherhood", a number of jubilee and long service awards, the medal from the "Grateful afghanistan people" and "Soldier-Internationalist"-badge, pilot wing M1966 3rd class and a intermediate officer school graduation badge and a Red Guards badge.

The size of the uniform is european 48 or US 38. The visor cap is a size 58. The belt is optional. Needless to say, the visor cap could be substituted for a Soviet era cap with sky blue base if called for. This cap did however come with the uniform and has hence been kept with the set.

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