Soviet Militia Police major M1969 parade uniform

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Visor cap
1 order
9 medals
4 badges
Very good

Major of militia / police
M1969 parade uniform

Parade dress uniform of a senior Soviet police officerrank of major, mid to late 1970s as introduced in 1969 when the dark blue uniforms of 1958 regulations were replaced. The tunic, in line with the 1969 regulations, is a gray militia officers gabardine uniform with matching red piped gray breeches and a 1978 dated visor cap. The golden shoulder boards are rounded as correct for militia officers and feature red piping and one large metal star on each shoulder for the rank of Major Militsiya. The visor cap is a 1978 issue parade cap with the smaller, round pressed cardboard visor and the large parade badge and white removable cloth top. This cap was not officially part of the full uniform and a careful collector may choose to complete the set with a gray visor cap. The collar tabs are the small militia type with red background and the militia insignia.

The uniform is fully decorated with two rows of awards including the Order of Lenin (high quality copy), the medal for 20th anniversary of Soviet armed forces, the medal "For reclamation of Virgin lands", the medal "50th anniversary of Soviet Militia" and a number of anniversary awards plus the II and III classes of the Irreproachable service awards. On the wearers left is a 1950s MVD Otlichnik badge, an academy graduation badge and a Militia profiency wing "2" degree. On the collar is a RSFSR local Soviet committee member pin. The belt is the correct orange-coloured belt, different and perhaps more discreet in their design compared to the army belts which were striped and brighter yellow.

The size of the uniform is european 50-52. The visor cap is a size 57. The belt is included in the set. The overall condition of the uniform is very good, given its age. The award ribbons show some wear.

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