Soviet navy captain parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt optional
1 orders
9 medals
3 badges
Very good

Captain II rank
M1969 parade uniform


Offered is a Soviet naval engineering officers attire for a post war Soviet submarine fleet veteran. The tunic is a standard Soviet navy officers issue and trousers, although matching colorwise, seem to be a private purchase non-regulation set. The tunic is made from wool and the shoulder boards are golden with two metal stars each plus a crossed hammer and wrench for engineering. While the stars are mounted correctly, it is likely that the hammer and wrench has been placed in the holes that once fitted the single rank stars for captain III rank. Each sleeve hold four golden stripes, correct for the rank, yet the version usually found on daily uniforms.

The officer served in the Northern fleet from the early 1960s until the mid 1990s - at least - and earned a total of 12 awards, mostly for long service, during this time. Other awards include anniversary awards, yet notable is the Russian federation order of Bravery, which was instituted in the early 1990s. It seems that the award mounted is a copy, as the details tend to be somewhat crude. The other top mounted award is the 1996 medal for the 300th anniversary of the Russian fleet. The wearers right hold a total of three badges including a commemorative badge for the Northern Fleet, Red Guards and the later version of the badge for Long Journey by Submarine.

The yearstamp on the buttons of the uniform is 88 and the visor cap is a late Soviet era production with golden cocarde and leaves on the visor.

Overall, the uniform set is in very good condition with light wear only. The size of the uniform is 48-50 (US38-40R).The visor cap is in good condition and is a size 57 (US 7 1/8). The trousers are different from the tunic but are still a very good match. The belt and dagger are not included.

Awards: Order for Bravery (RusFed), Medal for 300th anniversary of Russian Navy (RusFed)Lenin (copy), Medal for 20th anniversary of the Victory over Germany, medal for veteran serviceman, medals for 50th, 60th and 70th anniversaries of the foundation of the Soviet armed forces, medals for Irreproachable service (all three classes). Red Guards, Long journey by submarine and 25th anniversary commemorative badge for Northern Fleet.

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