Soviet KGB Borderguards Colonel parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
4 order
14 medals
3 badges
Very good

Soviet KGB Borderguards Colonel
M1969 parade uniform

 Striking late 1980s parade uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB, the infamous Soviet committee for state security.

In 1934, under the NKVD, Border Troops were immediately subordinated to the Chief Directorate of Border and Internal Guard. In 1939 they were reorganized into the Chief Directorate of Border Troops. Since the 1920s, the distinctive part of Soviet Border Troops uniform was the forest green colored parts of headwear and insignia. After the formation of the KGB, Soviet Border Troops became subordinated to this agency in 1957 and remained so until the dissolution of the Soviet Union. As such, the Troops were concentrating on the tasks of preventing espionage infiltrations. The Border Guards were involved in the Soviet war in Afghanistan and a number of them were even awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union for their bravery during these conflicts. Both conscripts and officer candidates for Border Troops were carefully selected and checked by the KGB. This made service in the troops privileged. With the fall of Soviet Union, Border Troops formations in most Soviet republics became border guards of the respective independent states.

This uniform buttons dated 1977 placing this uniform in the height of the cold war era and it is in very good, mildly worn condition. The cloth is dark green wool with forest green piping and details on shoulder boards and along the length of the trousers legs - as well as on the crown of the visor cap. The collar tabs hold the standard armed forces insignia on forest green felt backing. The shoulder boards feature three large golden stars each for the rank of colonel.

While the awards include a museum quality replica of the Order of Lenin and the prestigeous Order of the Badge of Honor, the perhaps most historically interesting award is the medal for Defense of Stalingrad. Further decorations include the Order of the Red Star and the 1985 jubilee award "Order of the Patriotic war" Ist class. In total, the awards span from the 1940s to 1995.

The tunic and trousers are size 52-54 (US42) and the visor cap is a size 57. The uniform comes with tunic, trousers and visor cap. The golden parade belt is not included but we can assist to find a similar piece. The overall condition of this uniform is excellent.

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