Soviet Medical Lieutenant Colonel parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Shirt and tie
Ribbon bar
2 badges
Very good

Soviet Medical Lieutenant Colonel
M1969 daily uniform

 Typical late 1980s daily uniform of a medical Lieutenant Colonel of the Soviet armed forces.

This uniform dates to the late 1980s and the ribbon bar indicates a late cold war era career. Altough worn, the uniform tunic and trousers are in very good condition with only some color fading and obvious traces from wear in and on the visor cap. The tunic and trousers are olive green standard officers issue with red piping and details on shoulder boards and along the length of the trousers. The visor cap is a late Soviet era piece of headgear with the distinctive large crown, uniform and branchwise matching mechanized infantry red base and piping. The collar tabs feature the medical branch insignia on red backing. The edges of the collar tabs are slightly miscolored which just further add to the overall authenticity and been-there feeling of the uniform. The shoulder boards are olive green and hold two large gold-colored metal stars each for the rank of Lieutenant-colonel.

The set is an post-war set-up with a typical and limited array of awards indicating a career without any obvious indications of combat experience. The awards include the 1970 medal for 100th anniversary of Lenins birth, the 1978 and 1988 anniversary medals for the armed forces and all three classes of the irreproachable service awards. The badges on the wearers right is an dark blue enamel university graduation badge accompanied by a medical university graduation badge, both 1970s issues where the medical badge is of the lesser quality type in aluminum rather than brass. The dark blue university badge is made from brass. For the record, the uniform does not have the sewn-in "stick-through" for the sam browne style shoulder belt.

The tunic and trousers are size 52 (US40-42) and the visor cap is a size 57. The uniform comes with shirt and tie, where matching shirt type shoulder boards are included.

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