Soviet KGB Borderguards conscript dress uniform M1969

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Visor cap
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Soviet KGB Borderguards
M1969 conscript dress uniform

 1970-1980s dress uniform for a Soldat (soldier, enlisted man) of the Borderguards, since 1957 part the Soviet committee for state security.

This uniform actually dates to the early 1970s but seems to have been used by at least two or three different soldiers over the years, whereas the last one did fit his uniform with the metallic cyphers PB (cyrillic letters for the borderguard troops). The buttons are two-piece with black backpiece and there are traces from various service numbers being written inside the uniform.

What makes this tunic special is that it belonged to a conscript of the borderguard cavalry, a rather small branch within the borderguard troops. The collar tabs and the sleeve patch holds the horseshoe and crossed sword insignia for the cavalry branch. There are numerous holes from decorations and badges in the tunic and the uniform would of course benefit from being restored to its full glory. Please don't hesitate to ask - we would be happy to assist.

The visor cap, impressive in its appearance, is dated 1990 when the former magenta piping had since 10 years back been changed for bright red - together with the forest green crown and black base. While this cap may be technically correct from the perspective that the tunic was re-used by soldiers over time, the discriminating collector may choose to replace the cap with a magenta piped version. The trousers, which are EM type lacking piping, are intended for wear with boots and are in good shape.

The tunic and trousers are size 48-50 (US40) and the visor cap is roughly a size 57. The white belt is included as well.

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