Soviet artillery captain parade uniform M1969

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Belt optional
3 medals
2 badges
Very good


Soviet artillery captain
M1969 parade uniform

Complete M1969 parade uniform for a captain of the Soviet artillery / rocket forces. This uniform was introduced in 1969 as a replacement for the brown M1958 parade uniforms and were wave green with golden shoulder boards and, in this case, red piping. The shoulder boards are black velvet with the artillery insignia of two crossed gun barrels. Each shoulder board carry four small golden stars for the rank of captain. The buttons are two-piece black-backed with yearstamp '71'.

The uniform holds three awards, the medals for 50th and 60th anniversaries of the armed forces and the medal for 10 years of irreproachable service. The awards are mounted diagonally along the collar of the uniform, as correct per the M1973 regulations. On the wearers right is a level 3 combined arms profiency badge and a brass and enamel 1960-1970s Guards badge.

The size of the uniform is about 48-50 russian or 38US. The visor cap is a size 54, 43TsePK cap. The uniform comes with trousers for wear with shoes.

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