Soviet admiral parade uniform M1954

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar


Soviet fleet admiral
M1954 parade uniform

1960s summer dress uniform - which may also have been used as a parade uniform, now a parade-walkout uniform per se, for a full admiral - three star - of the Soviet Navy. The uniform is white wool with '62' dated buttons of admiral type and beautiful golden shoulder boards for the rank of full admiral. The cuffs have smaller buttons and the sleeve ends hold one large golden stripe and three normal width stripes for the rank of admiral, with the large admirals star on top. All buttons are present and the tunic, although worn, is in a great shape with soft lining. The ribbon bar includes a vast number of decorations starting with two Order of Lenin, followed by the Order of the October Revolution, two Order of the Red Banner, the Order of Patriotic War 1st class, the Order of Red Banner, Red Star and, interestingly, the medal for 20th anniversary of the RKKA. The ribbon bar also gives that the owner served in the navy during the war against both Germany and Japan. The foreign awards include both polish, cuban and mongolian decorations.

The visor cap is 1972 dated and manufactured by the 43TsePK factory in Moscow. The sweatband is gray leather and is quite worn, which goes for the entire cap - the visor especially. We have chosen not to clean the cap as the spots and water marks are to be considered traces from the history. All this said, the visor cap show somewhat more wear than the tunic which itself is also clearly worn, due to exposure to sunlight and rain.

The trousers are of a later manufacture and vintage than the tunic and are to be considered as added to the set. Navy regulations did however allow black pants to be worn with the white uniform.

The tunic and trousers are about size 54 (US 44) and the visor cap is a size 57. [Go to top] | Republic of Finland