Soviet navy captain lieutenant parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Belt optional
5 medals
3 badges
Very good


Soviet navy captain lieutenant
M1969 parade uniform

Soviet-Russian 1980s-1990s parade uniform for a captain-lieutenant of the Soviet, later Russian Federation Navy. The uniform is the beautiful white summer dress version and comes with black trousers. Each shoulder board carry four golden stars for the rank which is equivalent to an army captain. The shoulder boards have gained a some mild patina over the years. The tunic itself show some wear and stains, but is in overall good condition. The visor cap is a 1990s parade cap with metal golden decorations on the visor and a metal standard navy cocarde. The appearance of the cap is impressive, typical for the post-Soviet era. The cocarde is russian federation type.

The awards indicate a 1980-1990s career within the Soviet navy and the successor, the Russian federation navy and includes the medal for guarding the Soviet state border, the medal for 15 years of service (russian federation issue, post 1995), medal for 10 years of service (Soviet issued medal) and the 1978 and 1988 medals for the armed forces anniversaries. On the wearers right chest is a graduation badge from a military academy (white rhombus) which is not that usual for a junior rank, a red guards badge and a post-1993 russian federation profiency badge. All brass-enamel.

The size of the uniform is 50 russian or 40US, on the longer side. The visor cap is a size 58. The uniform comes with matching black trousers. The belt with dagger hangers is not included, but recommended as a separate and optional purchase.

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