Soviet transportation troops lieutenant colonel parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt optional
10 medals
4 badges
Very good
500 USD
450 EUR
4800 SEK

Soviet Transportation Troops
Lieutenant colonel
M1969 parade uniform

Soviet M1969 parade uniform for a transportation troops lieutenant colonel. The transportation troops were the basic logistic backbone of the army, responsible for the supply and transport of ammunition, fuel and food supplies for the armed forces as well as carrying troops and vechicles that by themselves did not have transportation. The insignia of the transportation units is a winged pair of wheels and a steering wheel. The branch color was generally black, however on this uniform the collar tabs as well as the cap base is black velvet, which may indicate an officer for a unit assigned to the armor forces. The shoulder boards are golden with two large golden stars for the rank of lieutenant colonel - there is a third hole on both the boards just above the present stars which indicate that the officer was promoted from major to lieutenant colonel. The uniform is well worn without being worn out. The awards are attached one by own instead of on holder bards.

The awards on the uniform indicate a career in the armed forces from the early 1960s until the very end of the Soviet Union and seemingly beyond. The medal "from the Afghanistan people" mounted just below the 100th anniversary of Lenin medal, giving the appearance of an officer who may even have served until the withdraval from Afghanistan. The fact that this award has been repaired using an east german pinback device may even further indicate service in former East Germany, that being a speculation alone. Other awards include all three classes of the irreproachable service medals. On the wearers left is, interestingly enough, a 1994 first-version mulitpiece qualification badge of 1st degree. The Red Guards badge has damage to the red enamel. The white rhombus is for academy level graduation and in the middle is the award for "Soldier Internationalist" given for service abroad.

The size of the uniform is about size 52 russian or 40-42US. The visor cap is a size 58. The uniform comes with matching wave green, red piped trousers. The belt is not included, but a similar is offered as a separate and optional purchase. This uniform in its completeness is a great collecting piece and would serve any cold-war uniform collection well.

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