Soviet Air Force major general daily uniform M1969

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Major General of Aviation
M1969 daily uniform

Daily dress uniform of major general of the Soviet air force, cirka 1970. This uniform with its beautiful embroideries on the collar and golden star on the shoulder boards reflect the regulations introduced in 1969.

The tunic and trousers feature sky blue aviation piping around the collar, along the shoulder board edges and the length of the trousers legs. The shoulder boards are olive green with one embroidered general rank star each. All six front buttons are present and carry the state seal of the Soviet Union. The buttons are hallmarked *** and 1972 which goes along well with an early 1970s produced uniform. There are traces from a large ribbon bar on the wearers left and a pilot wing on the wearers right, but most interesting is the clear traces of a Hero of Soviet Union or Hero of Socialist Labor award, both on the outside and inside of the tunic! In our photos, we have added a socialist labor medal - but the dark traces on the tunic gives an obvious indication of the prominence of this uniform!

As mentioned, the uniform is a typical generals daily dress uniform, double breasted button style in olive green gabardine. The uniform in its current state lack further decorations but these can be carefully added if called for. The wearers right shoulder board allows for a shoulder belt to go beneath the board when the uniform is worn with sam browne style belt.

The tunic and trousers are about size 52 (US 42) with tailored sleeves. This uniform is a great addition to cold war or aviation collection! [Go to top] | Republic of Finland