Soviet railway engineer locomotive driver parade visor cap

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Railway engineer
Very good
(Inside good+)
150 USD
125 EUR
1225 SEK

Soviet railway engineer
locomotive driver
parade visor cap

1970-1980s dress visor cap for a Soviet railway engineer / locomotive driver.

The base of the cap is soft black velvet, the piping is green for railways. The silver ribbon around the top of the cap base indicates the cap is for a railway locomotive driver, a tradition dating back to the Stalin era. The side buttons feature the crossed wrench and hammer as were used by the railways. On the crown of the cap, just beneath the piping, is a detailed railways insignia consisting of the winged wheel and the cap badge. Below, on the cap band, is a slightly rounded railways cap badge. A golden golden parade cord, officers type, run from the side buttons. The cap is not makers marked and the inside show wear and aging. The exterior appearance is overall very impressive which may indicate the cap is a later issued piece.

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