Soviet air force officer daily visor cap

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Very good
120 USD
105 EUR
1150 SEK

Soviet air force officer
daily visor cap

1970s daily duty visor cap for a Soviet air force officer / pilot.

This visor cap dates from the 1970s and is a high quality cap manufactured by 43TsePK in Moscow. The base and piping is correct sky blue for the air force while the crown is olive. The cocarde is one-piece air force type and the wing is a well-made gold plated type, rather exlusive in its appearance.

A golden golden parade cord, officers type, run from the side buttons which are standard armed forces type. The visor is made from plastic but in very good condition. The makes mark is somewhat worn but clearly readable.

Overall, this visor cap is both impressive and well-made and a top choice for your aviation or cold war collection.

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