Finland war veteran table flags

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Pole: 70 cm
Flag 1: 20x13 cm
Flag 2: 30x10 cm
Table flag
100 USD
(90 EUR)
(865 SEK)

Finland war veteran table flags

War veteran flag and awards display from the Republic of Finland. Two flags, a standard size red table flag from a finnish county or municipality in the Karelia area, and an unknown triangular flag - could be unit or military related - mounted on the same brass flag pole for bookshelf display. Two medals are attached to one of the flags; the finnish Winter war (1939-1940) and Continuation War (1941-1944) participant awards. The set is in excellent condition, the only flaw is a small damage to the heavy brass flag pole base.

The medals bear the inscriptions "Kunnia Isämaa 1939-1940" and "Isämaa 1941-1944".

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