Soviet armed forces female parade and service uniforms

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From 400 USD

Soviet armed forces female parade and service uniforms

Through eminent suppliers, can ocassionally offer rare female uniforms from the Soviet Union. Most of these uniforms are unissued and will be arranged per your requests and needs - and are happy to offer You this opportunity. The most common sizes are available, and the uniforms are made with the highest regard given to the female anatomy.

The sets usually include jacket, skirt, beret and tie, but this vary depending on the uniform. A yellow parade belt can be purchased optionally for the parade uniform, but was not part of the official uniform regulations as per 1988. The leather belt for the service uniform is also optional. If this set is to be worn, we strongly recommend you to use shirt and shoes of your own choice for the best fit. Needless to say, these uniforms make excellent party wear.

The photo on the left side depicts a complete parade uniform that was sold a few years ago. The awards were added to the uniform.

Unless already mounted, the uniforms are fitted with insignias and decorations per your requests. The start price, which is about 300 USD, reflects the uniform with a basic set of fittings (shoulderboards, collar tabs, ribbon bar or a few medals, graduation badge). Several branches available for the collar tabs. Photo 1 depicts these uniform from the 1988 regulations.

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