Soviet Marshal of Engineering daily service uniform

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Visor cap
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Marshal of Engineering
M1969 daily uniform

Daily dress uniform of a marshal of the engineering forces of the Soviet army, cirka 1980. The rank of chief marshal of engineering was never given to any marshal within the branch, making this the highest rank actually appointed to an head of engineering. Prior to 1980, the engineering branch used magenta/raspberry branch color, which was changed when most branch colors were simplified in the early 1980s to plain red. This uniform with its beautifully embroidered shoulder boards reflect these late Soviet era changes.

The tunic and trousers are generally the same as for a branch general with golden embroideries on the collar and buttons with the state seal of the Soviet Union. The buttons are hallmarked 1978 which goes along well with an early 1980s produced uniform. There are traces from a large ribbon bar on the wearers left and a graduation badge on wearers right, although in our photos we have added an academy level graduation badge in this spot. The lining is in good condition with traces from wear and the attachment threads from the previous ribbon bar, which at some point has been removed from the uniform. While over the time there have been several marshals of engineering, timewise this uniform fits with Aganov who was appointed marshal of engineering in the mid 1970s.

As mentioned, the uniform is a typical generals daily dress uniform, double breasted button style in olive green gabardine. The buttons are marked '78' making this uniform a late Soviet era attire. The shoulder boards are olive green with the large marshal star and the engineering insignia. The marshal star has acquired some patina. Apart from the shoulder boards, the graduation badge and the collar decorations, the uniform in its current state lack further decorations and embroideries, as correct for the daily uniforms. The wearers right shoulder board allows for a shoulder belt to go beneath the board when the uniform is worn with belt and breeches.

The visor cap is manufactured by 43TsePK but the date and manufacturers stamp are hardly readable from wear over time. The size is 57.

The tunic and trousers are about size 54-56 (US 44-46) and the visor cap is a size 57. This uniform is a great addition to cold war or engineering collection! [Go to top] | Republic of Finland
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