Soviet MVD colonel parade uniform tunic with maroon piping M1969

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Tunic only
Very good
125 USD
115 EUR
1200 SEK

Soviet MVD lieutenant colonel
M1969 parade uniform tunic

Soviet M1969 parade uniform for a MVD - Soviet internal forces - lieutenant colonel. The MVD served, in short, as the internal watchdog of the Soviet Union, dealing with riots, public unrest, demonstrations and protesters together with the Militia. This uniform type and maroon/brick red branch color was introduced in 1969 regulations. The shoulder boards are golden with two metal golden stars and the collar tab insignia are army type on maroon backing. The buttons are hallmarked 70. Overall, the uniform is a high quality army cut set in high quality wool. The shoulder boards are somewhat oxidized and faded which only further adds to the appearance. There are traces from numerous awards including a 8-place medal bar and several screwback decorations.

The size of the uniform is about size 52-3 russian or 40-42US. This uniform tunic is a great addition to any cold war or Soviet collection and can of course be completed with matching trousers and visor cap. The belt is not included with the tunic.

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