Soviet Artillery major daily uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
2 badges

Major of artillery / rockets
M1969 daily uniform

Daily dress uniform of major of the Soviet artillery / rocket forces 1970s-1980s. This uniform with its beautiful velvet collar tabs reflect the regulations introduced in 1969, yet not affected by the 1975 revision where golden edged shoulder boards were permitted on service uniforms (although first amended into regulations in 1988).

The shoulder boards have red piping which is also found along the length of the trousers legs and the band of the cap as well as the collar tabs are black velvet. The collar tabs hold the artillery crossed barrels. The shoulder boards are olive green with one metal rank star each. All front buttons are present and carry the hammer and sickle in a star. The ribbon bar holds nine awards including the Order for service to Socialist Motherland III class and interestingly also the Medal for reclamation of virgin lands. Furhter, the usual commemorative awards and all three classes of the Irreproachable service medals. On the wearers right is a 3rd class profiency badge and a Red Guards badge. The wearers right shoulder board is fitted to allow the shoulder strap to run underneath.

The size of the uniform is 52 and the visor cap is size 56. Both are in good, worn condition without damages. The visor cap lacks its inner drawstring but this can be easily replaced. The cap is a nice 43Tsepk visor cap dating from the mid 1980s when the golden cords were allowed to be worn on daily service caps.

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