Soviet navy captain II rank daily uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
1 badge
Very good
300 USD
270 EUR 2850 SEK


Soviet navy captain II rank
M1969 daily duty uniform

Well kept, lightly used late 1980s daily duty uniform of a navy captain II rank of the Soviet navy. The set consist of tunic, trousers and an added visor cap. The visor cap is of a slightly earlier manufacture than the tunic, which is 1988, whereas the visor cap was made in 1987.

The shoulderboards hold two large metal stars on black backing with correct black piping for the rank of captain II rank, equal to a lieutenant-colonel. On the sleeves are the correct four rank stripes, sewn-on, somewhat oxidized, matching the rank on the shoulder boards. The high collar has its attachment device in intact, working condition. The buttons are standard navy type featuring an anchor and all buttons are present, hallmarked 88.

The ribbon bar holds a total of 8 awards including the Order of Red Banner, Order of the Red Star, Medal for Combat service, a number of anniversary medals and the II and III class of Irreproachable service medals. On the wearers right is a submarine commander badge of late manufacture.

Overall, the uniform set is in very good condition and shows only light wear. The size for the tunic and trousers is about US38 or EUR46-48 and the visor cap is a size 56.

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