Soviet airborne VDV captain parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Belt optional
2 orders
7 medals
2 badges
Very good


Soviet airborne VDV captain
M1969 parade uniform

Soviet 1980s parade uniform for a captain of the Soviet airborne troops, the VDV. The uniform was acquired in Latvia and several of its awards had been stripped from the uniform. Hence the awards has been restored on this uniform in accordance with the instructions obtained at the time of the purchase. The awards are mounted on the correct aluminum bars and with the correct ribbons. The Order of the October Revolution as well as the Order of the Red Star are, in this case, copies. The Medal for Guarding the Soviet state border is a restrike - all other awards are original of the uniform. The practice to remove awards and sell these separately is, unfortunately, common and has been since 1991.

The shoulder boards are golden with one blue stripe and carry four small metal star each for the rank of captain. The collar tabs, which are sky blue felt, carry the parachute insignia of the airborne troops of the VDV.

The uniform holds a impressive array of late Soviet awards including above mentioned Order of the October Revolution, the Medal for Guarding the Soviet state border, the 1978 and 1988 medals for 60th and 70th anniversaries of the armed forces, medals for 15 and 10 years of irreproachable service and, mounted separately with its screwback device, the medal From the Grateful afghanistan people. On the wearers left is the Order of the Red Star, the medal for Parachutist-Instructor with over 400 jumps - and the Red Guards badge. The uniform is also fitted with a parade aiguilette.

The size of the uniform is 50-52 russian or about 40US. The visor cap is a size 57. The uniform comes with matching dark blue, sky blue piped trousers for wear with shoes. The belt is not included, but recommended as a separate and optional purchase. Overall, the uniform is in great condition but shows limited wear from time and storage.

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