Soviet navy captain I rank daily dress uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
2 badges
Very good

Soviet navy captain I rank
M1969 daily dress uniform

M1969 daily dress uniform of a navy captain 1st rank, equal to a colonel, of the Soviet, later Russian Navy. The jacket is made from black gabardine with black shoulder boards with three large metal stars. On each sleeve is a large golden stripe and a star, correct for the rank. The buttons are post-Soviet manufacture with an anchor, resembling the Soviet era buttons but of a lighter material. The visor cap is black as per regulations, but lacks golden leaves on the visor which was regulation for a flag rank officer. The cap is a very late Soviet or early Russian federation era manufacture.

The uniform has an impressive ribbon bar mounted for about 40 years of navy service. Noteable is the Order of the Patriotic War II class, the Order of the Red Star and Order for Service to Socialist Motherland, the medals for Combat service and Defense of Leningrad. A conclusion that can be made from this ribbon bar is that the owner was very young when he served in the war and then remained in the Navy until his retirement. The ribbon bar also contains a number of anniversary and post-Soviet russian awards. On the left side of the tunic is a Red Guards badge and a academy graduation badge rhombus".

The uniform consists of jacket, trousers and visor cap. The size is 50-4 for the jacket and trousers and 57 for the visor cap. In US sizes, this is 40R for the jacket and trousers and 7 1/8 for the visor cap.

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