Soviet Artillery major parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
HSU copy
2 orders
6 medals
1 badge
Very good


Major of artillery / rockets
Putative M1969 HSU parade uniform

Parade dress uniform of major of the Soviet artillery / rocket forces 1970. This uniform is a putative representation of a plausible postwar Hero of the Soviet Union, intended for display or a collection/museum, awarded the hero title for postwar military deeds, not necessarily combat related but suggested rocket, space race or science work. The uniform with its beautiful velvet collar tabs reflect the regulations as introduced in 1969 with a visor cap dated 1971 with small cardboard visor. The piping at the sleeves and along the trousers legs is red and the shoulder boards, also red piped, carry one large metal star each for the rank of major.

The collar tabs hold the artillery crossed barrels. The front buttons are all present and carry the hammer and sickle in a star. The awards include a fine copy of the Hero of Soviet Union title, a very fine copy of the Order of Lenin and the Order for Service to Socialist Motherland III class. Further awards include the medal for 20th anniversary of the Victory, medals for 40th and 50th anniversary of the armed forces and the medals for 15 and 10 years of irreproachable service. As mentioned, on the wearers right is the 3rd class Order of Socialist Motherland and a military academy graduation badge.

The size of the uniform is 52 and the visor cap is size 57. Both are in good, hardly worn condition without damages. The belt is not included.

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