Soviet Militia / Police senior sergeant M1969 daily uniform

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
Very good


Senior sergeant of militia / police
M1969 daily uniform

Daily dress uniform of a senior sergeant of the Soviet militia, the police force, mid to late 1970s as introduced in 1969 when the dark blue uniforms of the 1958 regulations were replaced. The tunic, in line with the 1969 regulations, is a gray militia officers gabardine uniform with matching red piped gray breeches and in this case a 1980s white summer visor cap. The white caps were part of the summer uniform and to be worn with the shirt, exceptions did occur yet the cap, to be correct, is to be considered added to the set.

The gray shoulder boards are rounded as correct for militia officers and feature one large brass-resembling bar for the rank of Starshiy Sersjant Militsiya. The visor cap is, as mentioned above, a 1980s issue summer cap with large, plastic visor and the middle sized militia cap badge. The collar tabs are the small militia type sans edges in red felt and the militia insignia.

The uniform holds two ribbons for the medals "100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin" and the medal "60th anniversary of the Soviet armed forces". On the collar is a pinback VLKSM pin.

The size of the uniform is european 48. The visor cap is a size 55. The overall condition of the uniform is very good, given its age. The award ribbons show some wear.

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