Soviet Air Force Major General M1949 / M1954 parade uniform

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Visor cap
Ribbon bars
Bullion wing
(1 badge)

Soviet air force Major General
M1949 / M1954 daily uniform

This wonderful major general of air force was initially a riddle until it became obvious that the uniform was indeed a M1949 daily uniform that was converted from collar tabs to collar embroideries at some point. The tunic and pants are made from highest quality gabardine and the tunic is fitted with rich period made shoulder boards and with one silver star each. The stars have oxidized beautifully over time and contrast beautifully on the golden embroidered shoulder boards. As mentioned, the collar tabs of the M1949 uniforms has at some time been replaced with collar embroideries that are still in beautiful, flawless shape and condition with some mild oxidization. and surrounds the collar in a very impressive way. The visor cap is a 1950s manufacture that is in a very good condition with excessive embroideries and correct two piece cocarde. It is important to notice that the visor cap is indeed a M1949 parade visor cap with the way more elaborate embroideries than the daily dress cap that would have been worn with this type of uniform. The trousers are straight leg type for wear with shoes and hold two wide stripes along the leg. The buttons on this uniform is the 1946-1956 type but the visor cap holds the 11 type ribbons. The golden bullion wing is a masterpiece of embroidery skill. Below the wing is a hole for a graduation badge and the uniform would have the best appearance with a silver 1950s academy or general staff badge. Notice hence that the badge in the photo is not included but rather a placeholder - please contact us for suggestions on correct graduation badges.

The uniform has been fitted with ribbon bars - these were not original to the uniform. The ribbon bars are to be considered suggestions on how a general major of the time would have displayed awards of the time and era and includes the following awards: Order of Lenin, Order of Red Banner (twice), Order of the Great Patriotic War I class, Medal for Combat service, Medal for Defense of Polar Regions, Medal for Victory over Germany and finally the medals for 30th and 40th anniversaries of the Soviet armed forces. These bars are easily removed.

The buttons are undated and marked *** marking on back, indicating 1950s manufacture. The buttons hold the 16 republic coat of arms. The visor cap dated to late 1940 or early 1950 and the sweatshield inside show light wear. The tunic and breeches are in very good shape.

Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition shows light to medium wear (light to medium for visor cap). The size for the tunic is about 52 (L), the visor cap is 58. This is a very impressive, well shaped uniform that would easily become the centerpiece of any coldwar, aviation or Soviet era collection.

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