East German NVA Nachrichten / Radiocommunicatons daily dress uniform

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
2 badges

East German NVA Nachrichten
daily dress uniform

East German radiocommunications senior lieutenant Oberleutnant daily dress uniform with shirt and tie. The uniforms holds orange colored shoulder boards with three rank pips each for the rank of Oberleutnant. The collar tabs are the wowen style and these are attached quite close to the collar which gives the uniform a quite wehrmacht-like apperance.

The ribbon bar is a 1970s cotton, plastic covered type with five awards Verdienstmedaille NVA in bronze and three long service awards and the 1950s award for Kasernierte Volkspolizei. The qualification badge is the correct 1970s style, III level.

The uniform is size marked M-52 and the visor cap is from the mid 1970s and size 58. The belt is well worn and seems to have been shortened at some point. The trousers are straight leg for wear with shoes.

The uniform is worn and not a unissued storage piece. The tie included is not the same as in the photo.

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