Soviet Navy captain 2 rank parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
1 order
11 medals
2 badges

Soviet Navy Captain II rank
M1969 parade uniform

Soviet M1969 parade uniform for a Captain II rank - Kapitan v'torovo ranga - of the Soviet navy, equal to a lieutenant colonel. This uniform is a classic double breasted navy attire in sturdy wool as worn in summer time with six buttons in the front and golden shoulder boards with black piping and two golden stars each.

The awards on the uniform were restored as the uniform arrived with most awards stripped from the tunic, with only the ribbons left. The Order of the Red Banner and the Medal for Safeguarding the State frontiers are a copy and restrike respectively, while all other awards are authentic and correct. The career is postwar from the 1960s until the late 1980s and indicate a long term naval career in the Soviet fleet with all three long service awards plus the veteran serviceman medal. The awards are mounted on two bars. On the wearers right is the badge "for long journey by ship" as well as the Red guards badge. The medal "100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin" is the correct military version.

The visor cap is a early 1990s with an impressive crown and golden leaves on the visor. The size of the uniform is about size 52-54 russian or 42US. The visor cap is a size 58, well kept piece of headgear. The pants are black and in good shape. Needless to say, this uniform in its completeness is a very rare piece and a must-have for the cold-war or naval uniform collector.

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