Soviet navy captain I rank parade dress uniform M1952

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Tunic only
Ribbon bar
1 badge
Very good


Soviet air force major
M1955 daily dress uniform

Very well kept and very rare daily uniform for a major of the Soviet air force. This short lived double breasted uniform came into use in 1955, is sometimes referred to as "Zhukov" style and was replaced in 1959 with a single breasted uniform. The collar tabs are all cloth, large sized with brass aviation insignia and the shoulder boards are golden with one single silver star each for the rank of major. The entire uniform is, as the style was at the time, quite box shaped. The buttons are brass type and the sleeves have sky blue piping matching the collar tabs and the shoulder boards. This uniform could be worn with a leather sam-browne style belt as well.

The ribbon bars, which may have been added to the uniform, hold a total of 8 awards including the Order of the Red Banner, medal for combat service, medal for defense of Stalingrad, the medal for Victory over Germany, Liberation of Warsaw, the two first post-war armed forces commemorative medals of 1948 and 1958 and finally the medal for 15 years of irreproachable service. On wearers left, as sole decoration/insignia, is a "2" level 1950s pilot wing.

The uniform consist of tunic only but this on the other hand is in a great shape. The size for the tunic is US38 or EUR48. This said, this uniform is a highly desired collectible and sold as such, not as a wearable.

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