East German MdI Strafvollzug Prison Major gala / gesellschaftsuniform / uniform

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Visor cap
not included!
1 order
5 medals
2 badges


East German MdI Strafvollzug Major
Gala / gesellschaftsuniform

East German Ministry of Interior - Ministerium des Innerhalbs - MdI - Strafvollzug major gala or gesellschaftsuniform, 1970s. The uniform could in short be described as gray on gray as the jacket is concrete gray with gray and silver details. The trousers are dark blue, the same color as the visor cap. This type of uniform was used as a gala or celebration uniform and is a typical east german double breasted tunic with silver buttons.

The awards include the order "Banner der Arbeit" III class, Excellent service awards and three long service awards. The graduation badge is a Volspolizei graduation badge and on the collar of the tunic is a party member badge.

The uniform is size 48 and the visor cap is from the mid 1970s and size 56.

The uniform is hardly worn and hence in a very good condition. The aiguilette has been added to the set and is not included, but can be purchased optionally. Needless to say, this uniform was not worn with aiguilette and should not be worn like this. Still, it gives the uniform an impressive appearance and it can be left on at buyers discretion and at additional cost.

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