Soviet medical colonel daily service uniform

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Visor cap
Ribbon bar
1 badge
Very good
(Tunic: Good+)


Soviet medical colonel
M1969 daily service uniform

Soviet M1969 daily uniform for a cold war era, highly decorated, medical colonel of the armed forces. The uniform originates from a Leningrad area collection and is complete with all the various parts of a daily attire including the tunic, trousers, breeches, overcoat and visor cap - plus an olive scarf for wear with the overcoat. The shoulder boards on both the uniform and the coat are golden with three large metal stars each and the collar tab hold the medical insignia on raspberry colored felt. The raspberry branch color was used only between 1969 and 1980 when the branch color for medical branch was changed to red. The uniform and coat is a standard army cut set yet in high quality materials, although the tunic has suffered from a small moth bite and some wear around the sleeves.

The ribbon bar is sewn on and this medical officer was awarded both the Order of Friendship of Peoples and the 3rd class Order for Service to Motherland. Further awards include the medal for Victory over Germany as well as the postwar commemorative awards for both the victory as well as the armed forces anniversaries. The medal for combat service is likely a long service award which completes the set of long service decorations that concludes the ribbon bar with 20 and 15 years of irreproachable service. On the wearers right is a military medical academy graduation badge. The ribbon bar only covers 1940s-1978 yet the career of the officer may have continued post 1978 if a new uniform was acquired when the regulations changed in 1980.

The size of the uniform is about size 52 russian or 42US. The visor cap is marked as a size 57 and has a pressed cardboard visor. The uniform comes with both trousers and breeces as well as the summer-autumn overcoat. A medical officers uniform this complete is rarely seen - do not miss this opportunity to add a wonderful uniform to your medical, cold-war or Soviet uniform collection!

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