Soviet Navy captain III rank daily uniform M1952

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Tunic only
Ribbon bar

250 EUR

EUR 50
US 38/40

Soviet Navy Captain III rank
M1952 daily uniform technical branch

Summer white uniform for a navy captain III rank (kapitan tret'yevo ranga), technical branch, within the Soviet navy. The shoulder boards carry one large star each as well as technical insignia. Notice, that there are some wear to both the shoulder board and the uniform, giving it a salty appearance. The buttons on the uniform cannot be determined in terms of age but likely 1950s.

The tunic is made from fine wool or cotton blend without lining except for the collar which has a sewn-in soft lining. The entire uniform would benefit from a steaming and ironing, however this is left to the collector and coming owner to decide. Notice the condition of the shoulder board egdes. The ribbon bar has been added to the uniform and contains the Order of the Red Banner, the medal for battle merit and medal for victory over Germany.

The size of the uniform is about size 50 russian or 40US. The uniform comes with a pair of white trousers that are newer in age.

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