Soviet artillery captain parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt optional
1 order
14 medals
1 badges


Soviet artillery captain
M1969 parade uniform

Soviet M1969 parade uniform for a Caucasus campaign veteran captain of the Soviet artillery, likely with a short wartime career. The shoulder boards are golden with four small metal golden stars each and the collar tab hold the crossed barrel insignia on velvet black backing. Overall, the uniform is a standard army cut set in high quality standard.

The awards on the uniform indicate a career within the armed forces during the mid to late war action 1943 to 1945. While the combat service medal is present, the awards indicating wartime service is the medal for defense of Caucasus as well as the medal for victory over Germany as the combat merit medal was likely awarded for long service. Postwar decorations include the anniversary awards for the victory as issued in 1965, 1975 and 1985 for combatants and all the postwar anniversary medals for the armed forces plus the 1985 Order of Patriotic War, II class as issued commemoratively to surviving veterans on the 40th anniversary of the Victory. Further awards include the medal for Veteran of Labor, sometimes awarded to retiring army officers and the medals for 20 and 15 years of irreprochable service. As mentioned, the Order of Patriotic War II class is the 1985 anniversary version accompanied by a graduation badge from an artillery college, 2LAU.

The size of the uniform is about size 48 russian or 38US. The visor cap is a size 57. The belt is not included, but is offered as an optional purchase.

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